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Daugherty Business Solutions' Commitment to DE&I

As a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion, Daugherty is proud to support the APGA’s mission to open doors of opportunity.

To make a greater impact, Daugherty launched a technology training program aimed at boosting diversity within the technology industry, both locally and nationwide. Together with school districts, higher education institutions and corporate alliances, the Access Point Program is removing barriers and driving life-changing opportunities for young people and underrepresented groups by providing access to education, mentorship, financial support and long-term careers in technology.

Access Point: Program Overview video

What some of our graduates have to say:

“Access Point really helps you find your avenue. It really helps set you apart from others because you’ll get hands-on experience with professionals.”

- Armani

“A teacher I had in high school recommended me for Access Point. I told my mom, ‘Hey look at this. It sounds pretty cool.’ So I signed up immediately.”

- Destini

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“This program definitely opens doors for people who might not have the opportunity already. They can branch out and try different things and probably get the job they’re looking for and help their whole community, which is always great.”

- Gerald

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